Golden WhatsApp 2023


Golden WhatsApp is a new and updated WhatsApp. We take the official application of WhatsApp through the many and many features that facilitate the user's use of it, distinguishing
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Golden WhatsApp is a new and updated WhatsApp. We take the official application of WhatsApp through the many and many features that facilitate the user’s use of it, distinguishing it from the rest of the other modified WhatsApp recordings, so that he can enjoy when using it the new and exclusive features on the new WhatsApp Golden application.

Golden WhatsApp 2023

Golden WhatsApp is the WhatsApp application for social communication, which over time has worked on its official WhatsApp competitor in terms of the features contained in the Golden WhatsApp application, including hiding the appearance and raising the size of large cases, among many other features that we will mention in detail about the Golden WhatsApp.

The use of WhatsApp Gold has become much more than the use of the official WhatsApp through the features that it supports, the continuous updates of the application, and the addition of features according to the user’s request in terms of raising the quality of video and audio, sending large files, and hiding the appearance and hiding of cases.

The WhatsApp application is one of the most popular social networking programs that people use. You can now find millions of downloads for this wonderful application, which includes text messaging, sharing photos and videos, and many other means that I can use through the WhatsApp application.

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Since the application is one of the most popular social networking programs, some developers have modified it and downloaded a copy of WhatsApp Gold in order to compete with the official WhatsApp application by adding some new features that all users need.

Golden WhatsApp  Hide the appearance, hide the view of the many group statuses, create unlimited groups of members, and many, many more features are supported by the WhatsApp Gold application, the latest version of the application. WhatsApp Abu Omar offers many features that we will explain together and learn about.

The WhatsApp Gold application has become one of the most famous applications, and it has become one of the financial versions of the WhatsApp program through many of the features that it provides to the user, who monitors a lot for it and now searches for it and downloads it in order to use it and enjoy the features that it offers.

An advanced version of the official WhatsApp was the “golden” WhatsApp, which was professionally programmed and filled all the paragraphs that were making sudden collapses for the application and not sharing large files except in limited sizes, but with the golden it all became easy.

About WhatsApp Gold 2023

Golden WhatsApp 2023 Abu Dhabi The WhatsApp application was launched in 2009, and it contained new features in the world of social communication, competing with the rest of the social communication applications. But with the passage of time, the official version was developed into many copies, and one of the best is the WhatsApp golden version Abu Dhabi 2023, which got new specifications and features. You have not accessed any other WhatsApp applications.

Golden WhatsApp  The golden version of WhatsApp Abu Dhabi was designed to satisfy the user, and features were also added according to the requests of each user, such as hiding the appearance of your back on large cases, sharing groups and group messages, and an unlimited number of contacts.

Also, one of the most important specifications and features supported by WhatsApp Gold is the non-deletion of messages, which are deleted by the sender but remain in place as they are with the recipient, and this is one of the wonderful features that many users have called for and liked about the official WhatsApp application.

A comparison between the official WhatsApp and the golden WhatsApp 2023

We will now clarify the differences between the advantages and disadvantages of the official WhatsApp application, as well as the WhatsApp Golden Abu Dhabi application, by following the advantages and disadvantages of the applications.

Features of the Golden WhatsApp 2023 application

  • The user can download stories.
  • Cases can upload videos longer than 30 seconds.
  • The Golden application version can be downloaded in addition to the official WhatsApp application version.
  • View deleted messages that have been deleted by the sender.
  • The logo of the application icon can be changed.
  • Hide received and read messages.
  • Hide cases seen by others.
  • Hide last seen.
  • Hide the sign of hearing voice messages.
  • Change application themes and backgrounds.

Disadvantages of the Golden WhatsApp application

  • not 100% reliable.
  • The application is unofficial as it is modified by unknown people.
  • Privacy is not reliable.
  • There are annoying ads in some versions.
  • It cannot be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.
  • You cannot hide a number and display it to others.

Features of the official WhatsApp application

  1. It can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.
  2. High protection by WhatsApp.
  3. The company fills gaps first.
  4.   Weekly update.
  5. There are no ads in the official WhatsApp application at all.

Disadvantages of the official WhatsApp

  1. Cases cannot be downloaded.
  2. Video cases cannot be uploaded for more than 30 seconds.
  3. Appearances cannot be hidden.
  4. Messages deleted by the sender cannot be recovered.

The WhatsApp Gold 2023 application, the latest version

Download WhatsApp Golden, with a direct link from Mediafire, the most famous application in social communication, which is preferred by many over the official WhatsApp application because it offers easy features and settings for the user and an enjoyable experience when using it.

You can now download the application from our website with a direct link and without annoying ads.

Tip: The WhatsApp Gold application is unofficial and does not exist, so we recommend using it when the conversations are not important or confidential. The reason is that we do not know where the server is or who controls our messages and sharing media between users.


Golden WhatsApp 2023